Madeleine Kahn, Ph.D.

Writer for Hire

Contact: mk [at] madeleinekahn [dot] com


I am passionate about my work. I will bring to our collaboration deep experience in program development and strategic planning, along with robust knowledge of the fields of healthcare, education and fundraising. Although one of the tangible results of our work together will be a concept paper, a presentation, a funding proposal or website text, much of the value will be in clarifying how you will leverage work already underway, what your metrics will be, and how you will contribute to the field.

In the process of creating powerful and precise proposals, reports and plans, I can shepherd the program development process, help you plan your organizational strategy, and work with all aspects of your organization to arrive at a shared vision.

I also have experience helping universities and programs craft regional and specialty accreditation narratives.

I’m a skilled, flexible, and creative collaborator; it’s all about helping you accomplish your goals.