Madeleine Kahn, Ph.D.

Thoughtful program and organizational development, strategic planning, and capacity building

Contact: mkahnphd[at]gmail.com

I am passionate about my work, and I can help you tell your powerful story.

I will bring to our collaboration:

  • deep experience in program development and strategic planning, and
  • robust knowledge of the fields of healthcare, education, and fundraising.

Our work together will help you:

  • clarify how you will leverage work already underway, and
  • create a vision and a thoughtful strategy for business development and program growth.

Deliverables might include:

  • a concept paper,
  • a presentation,
  • a funding proposal,
  • an annual report,
  • an accreditation narrative,
  • a speech,
  • web text.

I’m a skilled, flexible, and creative collaborator, and I’m committed to helping you accomplish your goals.