Working with a consultant

When you work with me you are getting the benefit of deep expertise in the fields of program development and strategic planning for education and healthcare, within a very flexible framework.

For example, we could work together in any number of ways:

  • If you are just developing your idea or your program, I can shepherd that process for you by mapping what you already have in place and working with program personnel to arrive at a shared vision of what the new program should include. Program development is often the first step towards creating a case statement or proposal.
  • I can create a Capacity Building Plan for you. I often recommend this to small organizations because Capacity Building Plans are highly cost-effective. Once you have the plan in place, with its sections on history, mission, recent achievements and plans for the future, you can pull from it to create individual grant proposals, newsletters, annual reports and stewardship letters.
  •  I can create a Strategic Plan for you. This usually involves interviewing people in your organization, plus your board members and your major constituencies, and then facilitating the process of determining your strategic goals before I write them up.
  •  I can create a template outline of a grant proposal for you to fill in and customize, or draft a proposal to an individual.
  •  I can write one speech or presentation, or many.
  •  I can edit existing documents, or create a report from existing documents.
  •  Once we’ve been working together for a period of time, you may want to put me on retainer. Organizations take this step when they know they’ll have ongoing work for which my knowledge of their programs will be valuable. In these cases, I offer a significant discount off my hourly rate.

In all these ways, we can customize our agreement so that you are getting precisely the help you need, when you need it, while only committing the resources that are required to complete your defined task.